Public Infrastructure and Maintenance

Stormwater maintenance

Stormwater management facilities perform the function of the removal of water from the street, highway sections, parking areas, and other drainage areas and the protection of the facilities from the effects of water. The stormwater management facilities include drop inlets, storm drains, culverts, underdrains, ditches, slope protection, detention facilities and erosion control devices. In order for these facilities to function as designed and constructed, they must properly be maintained. Maintaining catch basins, stormwater inlets, and other stormwater conveyance structures on a regular basis will remove pollutants, prevent clogging of the downstream conveyance system, restore sediment trapping capacity, and ensure the system functions properly to avoid flooding.

Maintenance generally falls into three categories – routine, remedial, and capital improvements:

  • Routine maintenance includes those activities that happen on a periodic basis, which may be driven by the passage of time, not the specific deterioration of the system.
  • Remedial maintenance corrects specific deficiencies in the existing system without upgrading its capacity.
  • Capital improvements replace deficient systems with larger or improved designs. They become, in effect, new systems.

Nags Head works collaboratively with several state and local agencies as well as its own forces to identify and conduct drainage maintenance activities.

In-house mapping is used to document areas of maintenance activities throughout the town. See the updated map here.  The general list of maintenance activities consists of the following types of work:

  • Weed eating and opening pipe inlets/outlets to identify and remove any blockages
  • Shoulder mowing of the roadside portion of ditch banks
  • Keeping water courses free from accumulation of debris and vegetation
  • Keeping storm drains and pipes free of silt, sand and debris
  • Jetting out critical storm pipe sections where sediment has accumulated or other obstructions inhibit flow

Town staff monitor flow along main drainage routes during rainfall events to ensure continued unobstructed flow. If you observe and excessive accumulation of litter or debris in the Town’s drainage system please contact Town’s Public Works Department at 252-441-1122.

Drainage System Maintenance Update Presentation at BOC Meeting Dec 4, 2019